Q: Is my e-mail to Dr. Jill confidential?

A: Yes, completely confidential. After Dr. Jill replies to your e-mail, your email is then permentely deleted. Your e-mail will not be shared with others. Remember, you don't have to sign your name, either.

Q: How long will it take Dr. Jill to answer my e-mail?

A: Depending upon the volume of e-mail and if Dr. Jill is out-of-town, usually you can expect a response to your message in less than three days. We do request that you make your email brief.

Q: Are there any questions you prefer not to answer?

A: Dr. Jill is happy to answer most questions regarding relationship issues. She is not qualified to answer medical or legal questions.

Q: Can I write to Dr. Jill more than once?

A: Dr Jill's e-mail relationship with you should not replace an on-going relationship with a personal therapist, therefore Dr. Jill is happy to answer one or two e-mail messages, provided they are brief in nature.

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