Dr. Jill Murray (left) discusses Abusive Teenage Relationships with Oprah
Dr Jill Murray (left) discusses Abusive Teenage
Relationships with Oprah


San Clemente, CA - Assisteens, San Clemente Presbyterian Church.

Big Island of Hawaii - Kona and Hilo

Madison, Wisconsin - Domestic Abuse Intervention Services.

Edmonton, Canada—Diverse Voices Conference.

Torrance, CA - Torrance Memorial Hospital

Monterey, CA - Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, Cal. State Monterey

Cosmo Radio, “Cocktails With Patrick”

Glamour Magazine, “The Secret that Kills 4 Women a Day”

Cosmopolitan Magazine, “Decode Your Love Style”

Tribeca, NY, Book signing and discussion with Kate White, Barnes and Noble,

Joy Behar Show, HLN Network

Entertainment Tonight, NBC Network

Joy in Our Town, Trinity Broadcast Network

Anderson (Anderson Cooper Show), Fox Network

Michael Baisden Radio Show

Laguna Niguel, CA, National YWCA executive, Teen Dating Relationships

Cosmopolitan Magazine, “Are You Too Picky?”

Cosmopolitan Magazine, "How Can You Leave A Dangerous Relationship Safely?"

Teen Vogue, “Digital Drama”

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut: “It’s Time To Talk” Day

San Clemente, CA - Assisteens

Tustin, CA: National Charity League

Richmond Times-Dispatch - Textual harassment: A weapon in dating violence

LA 18 Kababayan LA - Interview

Relationship RX Radio - Interview

CNN Southern California - Interview

Huckabee Show- Fox

Dolce-Dolce - Commentary, Mel Gibson custody case

Birmingham, AL - Junior League of Birmingham presentations

Florence, AZ - AZ Department of Justice Conference.

New York, NY - Joyful Heart Foundation

COSMO Radio - Cocktails with Patrick show

Good News Radio

Glamour.com - "Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship"

Chicago Tribune - "Holiday Houseguests: A survival guide"

Huntington Beach, CA - Assisteens

San Diego, CA - Francis Parker High School


CKLW Radio

Mario Solis Marich Show

CNN Newsroom Weekend

Monica Adams Radio

CNN - Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell

WGY Newstalk Radio

Dolce Dolce Magazine

Valder BeeBe Radio Show

The Lee and Andrea Morning Show

Dr. Phil Show

Santa Ana, CA - Rosary High School

This Week In America

Bellevue, WA - Eastside Domestic Violence Program

Santa Barbara, CA - Keynote presentation for Domestic Violence Solutions Tea. For more information, call 805-963-4458.

Fox News Channel

Sallie Felton Internet Radio Show

Orange County, CA - J. Serra Catholic High School

Philadelphia, PA - WNWR radio

Montel Williams Radio Show

Anaheim, CA on- Cornelia Cnelly High School

New Jersey - Youth Conference

Fullerton, CA - Rosary High School

Akron, OH - Domestic violence conference

Providence, RI -National Attorneys General Conference

Bellevue, WA - Domestic violence conference

San Juan Capistrano, CA - Jubilee South Coast Church

Sarasota, FL - National Women Legislators Conference

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