Relationships Without Boundaries

When you give up your boundaries in a relationship, you:

  • Are unclear about your preferences.
  • Do not notice your own unhappiness since pleasing is your main concern.
  • Alter your behavior, plans, or opinions to fit the current moods or circumstances of another (i.e., you live reactively).
  • Do more and more for less and less.
  • Take as truth the most recent opinion you have heard.
  • Are satisfied if you are coping and surviving.
  • Make exceptions for a person for things you would not tolerate in others. 
  • Are manipulated by flattery so that you lose objectivity.
  • Try to create intimacy with a narcissist.
  • See the other person as causing your happiness or excitement.
  • Feel hurt and victimized but not angry with the other person.
  • Act out of compliance and compromise.
  • Do favors that you inwardly resist—you cannot say “no.”
  • Often feel afraid and confused.
  • Frequently become involved in dramas that are beyond your control or don’t involve you personally.
  • Commit yourself for as long as the other person needs you to be committed.
  • You don’t have a bottom line.