Teens & Relationships: How Technology & Media Culture Is Influencing The Way They Date

Fifteen years after the publication of Dr. Jill Murray's groundbreaking book, But I Love Him, teen dating abuse continues at an alarming rate. The causes? Technology and the media culture in which teens live, which not only encourages abuse but glamorizes it as well. This book is a must-read for parents and loved-ones of both girls and boys, explaining the phenomenon of teen dating abuse and ways to keep them safe, strong, and emotionally healthy.

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Why You're With Mr. Wrong (And How To Get It Right)

Have you given control of your happiness and your relationship itself to your partner? Do you wonder how that happened? This eBook helps identify what you may be doing wrong and offers real solutions.

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Are You In An Unhealthy Relationship?

There are many signs of an unhealthy relationship. Many of them are very subtle. This eBook will help you identify if your relationship is unhealthy.

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Keys To A Healthy, Loving Relationship

We all desire a healthy, loving relationship; one where we feel known, cared for, safe, and appreciated. Someone with whom we can share our darkest moments and not feel judged. Someone who is happy to see us and values who we are. Learn the keys to a healthy, loving relationship.

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Six Universal Truths That Will Change Your Life Today!

We all have an unlimited amount of personal power although few of us take advantage of this gift.

Learn the six universal truths that will change your life TODAY and forever.

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Does Chaos And Drama Run Your Life?

Have you ever wondered why so many of your relationships seem to be toxic or why you constantly have "bad luck?" Is there a neon sign over your head that screams, "Use me! Abuse me!"? This eBook will show you how to turn things around.

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Take Your Life Back Right Now! - Personal Empowerment And Goal Setting Strategies

Must reading for anyone wanting to experience true power and peace in their own lives.

More than half of all women and a third of all men will be in an unhealthy relationship.

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Dr. Jill Murray's Relationships 101: Includes All 7 Of Dr. Murray's E-Books

  • Teens & Relationships: How Technology & Media Culture Is Influencing The Way They Date
  • Why You're With Mr. Wrong (And How To Get It Right)
  • Are You In an Unhealthy Relationship
  • Keys To a Healthy, Loving Relationship
  • Six Universal Truths That Will Chage Your Life Today
  • Does Chaos and Drama Run Your Life?
  • Taking Your Life Back RIGHT NOW! - Personal Empowerment and Goal Setting Strategies

Kindle Price: $23.99