In-House Counseling for Small-Business



Q: Do employees need to take time off from work?

A: No, Dr. Jill Murray, a licensed psychotherapist, will go to your workplace and provide individual therapy to employees at their request.


Q: What about privacy and confidentiality?

A: An office will be provided for privacy and confidentiality.


Q: Do you offer group presentations?

A: Yes, at the employer's request, Dr. Murray will offer a group presentation that will focus on a topic that is relevant to your workplace situation. (i.e.: mediation, grief counseling).

Q: How often will your services be offered?

A: Optimally, Dr. Murray will offer her services twice per month.

Q: How are fees assessed?

A: While Dr. Murray's fee will be paid by the employer at the end of each month, the employer may decide if it would like to offer the therapy as personal time, lunchtime, etc.