In-House Counseling for Small-Business



dr jill murrayAs a licensed therapist, I've long been interested in finding a delivery system of therapy for those who cannot find the time to visit my office.

My model is simple: I will come to your workplace—ideally twice each month—and provide individual counseling in a private setting (you provide an office) to any of your employees who desire to talk with me about any subject that's hampering their life or productivity. Additionally, I am available to talk to your employees as a group regarding assertiveness, conflict resolution skills, mediation, and managing up.

For a more complete list of the counseling services I provide and answers to many of your questions, please see the topic and FAQ lists on this page.

Please feel free to contact me at for a more personal discussion about the ways in which I can help you and your employees be happier and more productive in life and at work.