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"Dr. Jill Murray is an internationally recognized expert on the subject of domestic violence, particularly teen dating abuse. She has been a committed supporter of Laura’s House for almost 17 years during which time we have become firm friends and collaborators on the subject of improving the lives of those affected by domestic violence. As a current board member and Chair of the Laura’s House Program Committee, Dr. Jill regularly donates her time and energy to our therapeutic staff, helping them to develop new programs and increase effectiveness and efficiency in our service provision. She also has a knack for finding options and solutions our staff can use for complex issues they come across in dealing with our client population and also in teaching them self-care so they can be the most effective in their work. She does this in such a supportive way that helps us to learn and grow from her and her experiences. Dr. Jill’s engaging and encouraging personality and teaching style is invaluable to our organization and we are extremely proud and honored to have her as part of our Laura’s House family."

—Margaret Bayston
CEO Laura's House
Domestic Violence Organization



I have known Jill Murray for nearly 10 years. My busy family law practice often involves high conflict cases especially with regards to child custody issues and domestic violence incidents. There is no one that is more reliable or insightful regarding these issues. Jill’s expert advice regarding custody matters, domestic violence and various host of interpersonal and family relationships is invaluable to my practice. She has incredible evaluation skills and is able to diagnose an issue and reach the heart of the matter in a short period of time. She has helped many of my clients work through some of the most difficult times in their lives. She has also helped many children turn the corner from problems that would otherwise be debilitating.

Jill and her husband do incredible charitable work, are strong supporters of Laura’s House (a domestic violence shelter) and exhibit care and compassion in their everyday lives. I am lucky to call her a friend and a colleague.

—Steven G. Nordhoff


“For several years, Dr. Murray has been my first choice when it comes to referring a psychologist.  Dr. Murray is incisive, compassionate and insightful.  I have always had excellent feedback concerning Dr. Murray’s therapeutic skills from the patients I referred to her.  I am not exaggerating when I state she has literally saved lives and changes lives for the better.  I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation.”

Kathleen Rager